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What Does the X Mean on Snapchat

What Does the X Mean on Snapchat

If you are new to Snapchat, you might find many things unfamiliar. For example, Snapchat has icons and symbols that tell you specific things. Among them, there’s the “X” symbol. So, what does the X mean on Snapchat?

The X on Snapchat means the person is not added to your friend list. This X symbol on Snapchat can come up for a couple of reasons. However, the X comes up mainly when you or the person has sent you a chat or snap, but you are not added to each other.

But what if there’s an X next to a contact that you were added to? Also, can the X symbol pop up instead of the camera icon when you are added to each other? Keep on reading to learn more.

Does X On Snapchat Mean Blocked?

The X on Snapchat can mean the person has blocked or unfriended you. But this X will only appear when you were added to the account in the first place. If there’s a new account on your chat feed and you see an X, it does not mean that they have blocked you.


Instead, it means that a person outside of your friend list has tried to contact you. And as the account is not in your friend list, you will see the X instead of the camera icon. So, if you are wondering does the X on Snapchat mean they unadded you, recall whether you were added with them in the first place.

Why Is There an X Next to Someone’s Name on Snapchat but Still Friends

Seeing an X on Snapchat but still friends with the account? In that case, you have not started a chat with the person yet. Newly added accounts on Snapchat generally do not show the camera icon next to the person’s name. Instead, you will see the X symbol.


To make the X symbol disappear on Snapchat, you need to double-tap on the person’s name. It will open up your camera and allow you to send a snap. Once the person replies to that with another snap, you will see the camera icon instead of X.

What Happens When You Press the X?

Wondering what will happen when you press the grey X on Snapchat? You will see some options. Among them, there are “Block,” “Report,” and “Clear Conversation.” The functions of these are pretty straightforward.

Pressing the Grey X on Snapchat

When you press the “Block” button, you can block the account from Snapchat. And when you press “Report,” you can report the account to Snapchat. There, you can report for posting inappropriate content or mark them as a spammer. After you report, Snapchat will review it and then take necessary actions.

Finally, with “Clear Conversation,” you can erase all the conversations with that account from your chat feed. However, it’s not like deleting conversations. This option will only clear the chat on your end.

What Does A Grey X Mean on Snapchat?

Are you still wondering what does the grey X mean on Snapchat? Here’s a list of possible reasons why is there an X on Snapchat:

  • The person is not added to you
  • You have sent a friend request, but they did not accept it yet
  • They have sent a friend, but you did not accept yet
  • The person has sent you a chat or Snap but is not on your friend list
  • You have sent a chat or Snap, but you are not in their friend list
  • The person has unfriended you
  • You have unfriended the account
  • The account has blocked you
  • You have blocked the account

And it does not matter whether you use Snapchat on an Android or iOS phone. This symbol has the same meaning on all the platforms.