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Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra: Evidence Points to Limited Global Release

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 Ultra

Samsung’s dominance in the foldable phone market is facing increasing heat from Chinese competitors. To stay ahead, rumors suggest Samsung is creating a premium “Ultra” version of the Galaxy Z Fold6. This would be a first for the Fold series.

Earlier leaks hinted at two foldable devices in the Galaxy Z Fold6 lineup: the standard Fold6 and the Fold6 Ultra. While the Fold6 is expected for a global release, the Ultra variant might be a different story.

China Calling Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra: Galaxy W25 Ultra Incoming?

Recent intel suggests the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra might not be limited to Samsung’s home turf of Korea. A new device codenamed “Q6A” and model number “SM-W9025” has surfaced, matching the rumored Fold6 Ultra. This points towards a potential launch in China.

Samsung has a history of using different branding for the Chinese market. For instance, the global Fold5 and Flip5 were released as the Galaxy W24 and W24 Flip in China. Following this trend, we can expect the Fold6 Ultra to be christened the “Galaxy W25 Ultra” in China, likely sporting the same specs as its Korean counterpart.

Wider Display, Limited Availability?

Leaks also suggest the Fold6 will boast a slightly revamped design with a wider display. However, there’s a curious absence of the Fold6 Ultra in leaked renders and even official images from Samsung Kazakhstan featuring the standard Fold6 and Flip6.

Samsung Galaxy Z series

This could signify two things: either the Ultra variant will be a later addition, possibly arriving in 2025, or it might be a limited release exclusive to select regions like Korea and China.

Tech enthusiasts eagerly await official confirmation from Samsung to clarify the Fold6 Ultra’s availability and potential launch timeline.

News source: Android Headlines