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Looking For a Flipper Zero Alternative? Your Search Ends Here!

Flipper Zero Alternative

There’s no denying that Flipper Zero is one of the most versatile tools out there. You can do many things with it, from reading RFID, copying NFC tags, and emulating digital access keys. However, it might not be easily accessible to you, which can make you wonder if there are proper Flipper Zero alternatives.

The best Flipper Zero alternative options are WiFi Pineapple, Bus Pirate, Raspberry Pi with your own code, and installing NetHunter on your Android phone. You must consider what you want to do to choose the right alternative.

Honestly, there’s no direct alternative to Flipper Zero. The tool is simply amazing for all that it does. You will not find a Flipper Zero alternative that can do all it does. But some can do a couple of the tasks. Stick till the end to learn all about them.

What is Flipper Zero and What Can It Do?

Before talking about the good Flipper Zero alternatives, let’s talk a little bit about the device itself. This will let you scrutinize the abilities of the alternatives better.

So, at the core, Flipper Zero is a portable multi-functional device. Its main task is to interact with access control systems. But what can it do? It can read, copy, and emulate NFC and RFID tags, iButton, digital access keys, and radio remotes.

Flipper Zero

It comes with a GPIO interface, which makes it easy for the users to interact with the access control systems. Another thing that makes Flipper Zero great is that it is open-source and fully customizable.

Due to its high portability, geeks and pentesters can conveniently carry the Flipper Zero with them wherever they go.

Nonetheless, as Flipper Zero comes with so many features at such a reasonable price, there’s no proper alternative. However, if you have a specific purpose in mind for using Flipper Zero, there are alternative options available for consideration.

Quick Summary of the Best Flipper Zero Alternatives



Best For

Where to Get

WiFi Pineapple

Penetration testing, network analysis

Analyzing WiFi networks

Hak5 Official Page

Bus Pirate

Interacting with various protocols

Handling UART, SPI, I2C, and more protocols

Dangerous Prototypes Official Page

Raspberry Pi

Versatility, powerful computing

DIY projects, coding, home media centers

Amazon or Official Website


Transforming Android into pentesting tool

Android devices, pentesting, security testing

Official Kali Website


Best Flipper Zero Alternative Options

Now that you know most about Flipper Zero, let’s focus on what brought you here in the first place. So, these are the Flipper Zero alternatives that you can consider:

1.      Hak5 WiFi Pineapple  – Best Alternative for Penetration Testing and Network Analysis

Hak5 WiFi Pineapple

Like Flipper Zero, the WiFi Pineapple can analyze networks. You can even use it to do penetration testing, packet capturing, and many other wireless network types of tasks.

And the great part is that it is relatively portable. Thanks to that, carrying this Flipper Zero portable will be a piece of cake for you. Moreover, the WiFi Pineapple has one big advantage over the Flipper Zero.

It comes with more memory and a powerful processor. For that reason, WiFi Pineapple can handle large packets of data and do complex tasks without dropping a sweat.

This Flipper Zero alternative also has a user-friendly interface. There is a web-based console, which you can use to quickly monitor and configure the device. And if you dig a little deeper, you will find many useful tools for penetration testing and network analysis.

However, as the name suggests, WiFi Pineapple is limited to WiFi networks. It can not work with other wireless signals.

2.      Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate – Best For Interacting With a Wide Range of Protocols

Bus Pirate Ultra

Do you work with protocols such as SPI, UART, I2C, and others? Want a Flipper Zero alternative that can be used on these? Bus Pirate is what you have been looking for! So, what exactly is the Bus Pirate?

It is a universal tool that you can use to get your computer to communicate with various protocols and electronic devices. Dangerous Prototypes designed it as an open-source hardware project. So, just like flipper zero, you can look into the documentation and make any required changes.

But what can this Flipper Zero alternative do? Well, one of its standout features is that it is extremely versatile. You can use it to handle a wide range of protocols, including UART, SPI, and I2C.

There’s a built-in OLED screen and buttons, so it’s pretty easy to navigate the Bus Pirate. As a matter of fact, your user experience with the Bus Pirate will be pretty similar to Flipper Zero.

Moreover, Bus Pirate has some special perks that make it perfect for troubleshooting and debugging devices. For example, you have the ability to generate PWM signals and measure voltage.

In essence, the Bus Pirate allows you to work with a broader range of protocols and devices compared to Flipper Zero, making it a more versatile alternative.

3.      Raspberry Pi – More Versatile and Powerful Alternative

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi does not require an introduction. Yes, it is the same small and low-cost computer you might have seen used in various projects. In fact, you can even use it to build home media centers.

Even though this Flipper Zero alternative is small, it packs a punch. Raspberry Pi comes with an ARM processor that can run multiple operating systems. That includes Windows and Linux.

Moreover, Raspberry Pi is easy to set up. The interface is easy to work with, so you will not need to go through too many hassles to integrate other parts. And if you are wondering, the expansion options offer you a 40-pin GPIO connector and USB ports.

Of course, to make the Raspberry Pi work like the perfect Flipper Zero alternative, you need to code it accordingly. You can check out the video below to make the Raspberry Pi work like a Flipper Zero.

4.      NetHunter – Best Way to Transform Your Android Into Flipper Zero

Kali NetHunter

Do you have an old Android phone lying around? Want to make it come into use? You would want to check out the NetHunter. At the core, it is an open-source and free Android operating system. But it is not like any other open-source Android ROM.

Developed and maintained by Offensive Security, the Android operating system is based on the popular Kali Linux distribution. That makes it perfect for pentesting and testing out networks. There are a wide number of tools available in the OS.

On that note, the operating system does not only work on Android phones. Instead, it is compatible with Android tablets and even some smartwatches.

And unlike Flipper Zero, as the OS will run on a full-fledged mobile, there will be more resources to work with. That will enable you to do more versatile security testing and network testing tasks with NetHunter.

Getting the Best Flipper Zero Alternatives

So, at the end of the day, choosing the right Flipper Zero alternative basically depends on your needs. You should consider what you plan to do. Keep your requirements in mind and select one of the alternatives discussed above.

But if you want to enjoy the most versatility, get the Raspberry Pi and configure it according to your requirement.