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AI Password Cracker Is a Thing, and It Has 95% Accuracy!

AI password Cracker

Imagine yourself sitting at a café, drinking your favorite coffee, and checking on all of your accounts. When you’re typing out your passwords to log into the accounts, someone has captured the sound of the keystrokes and cracked everything you typed. While it may seem like a sci-fi scenario, you now need to worry about the AI password cracker.

Researchers at Cornell University have managed to find a way to make AI steal your data! And as mentioned earlier, the password cracker only needs the sound of your keystrokes. What’s more frightening is that the AI can be trained to achieve up to 95% accuracy.

How Does the AI Password Cracker Work

The researchers at Cornell University have managed to create an AI-driven tool by simply training it with the sound of keystrokes. They utilized a phone, which was kept near a MacBook Pro. And if you know MacBooks, the keys are pretty quiet and are not as loud as a mechanical keyboard.

Nonetheless, according to the published research paper, the AI password cracker tool could use keystroke sounds and crack passwords with up to 95% accuracy. And it’s the highest accuracy that the researchers have seen without using a Large Language Model (LLM).

AI password cracking tool

What’s more frightening is that you don’t need to be in a public place to be attacked by this AI password cracker tool. The researchers tested it during a Zoom call. In that scenario, the AI was able to crack the keystrokes with 93% accuracy. And on Skype, the AI could reach 91.7% accuracy.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From AI Password Cracker Stealing Your Passwords

The AI model is at its early stage. And it’s truly scary to see it achieve up to 95% accuracy without the use of a LLM. But even if it gets out of hand, you can deploy these tricks to keep yourself safe:

Use Unique and Strong Passwords

No matter what, you shouldn’t use the same password in every account. This means that if your password is stolen from one source, all of your accounts will be compromised. In other words, if the AI password cracker can crack one of your passwords, you’ll lose access to all of your accounts.

Hackers stealing passwords

Moreover, you should use strong passwords. Make sure that it’s not something obvious, such as your birth date, your name, and your pet’s name. Those are easy to crack, and AI password cracker tools can do it within seconds. Using a password manager would be a good idea as they generate intricate passwords.

Keep Two Factor Authentication On

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is basically an added layer of security for your account. With this on, even if someone manages to steal your password with an AI password cracker, they won’t be able to get in. So, make sure 2FA is turned on for all your socials, emails, and bank accounts.

2FA for accounts

Install A Reliable Antivirus

2FA and strong passwords won’t do much if your device is easy to compromise. Hackers can first crack your password with the AI password cracker and then get the code to enter your accounts. To keep yourself protected from these attacks, install a good antivirus and anti-malware software.


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