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Does Bluetooth Work in Airplane Mode iPhone

Does Bluetooth Work in Airplane Mode iPhone

If you’re about to take a flight, one of the first things you should know is the airline’s rules. While it varies from one to another, some rules are common. For example, keeping the phone on airplane mode before and during the flight. That might make you wonder, does Bluetooth work in airplane mode iPhone?

Yes, Bluetooth works when you have put your iPhone on airplane mode. Airplane mode on iPhones and most other smartphones turns off all wireless communications. But Bluetooth works when you’re in the mode, allowing you to use wireless headphones and connect to other wireless devices.

Now the question is, how do you use Bluetooth in airplane mode on iPhone? Well, that’s basically where this guide steps in. It will offer you all the information you need regarding Bluetooth and airplane modes on iPhones.

What Is Airplane Mode and What’s the Purpose of Airplane Mode?

At the core, airplane mode on iPhone and other smartphones turns off the phone’s ability to communicate with the cell towers. Once turned on, the mode will turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth if it’s already turned on. But you can manually turn them back again.

Even so, you can’t make the phone receive cell tower signals when you have airplane mode on an iPhone. In other words, phone signals will remain turned off even if WiFi and Bluetooth work in the mode.

Airplane mode during flights

But what’s the purpose of airplane mode? It basically prevents you from sending or receiving text messages and calls. This mode ensures that cell phone signals do not interfere with the airplane’s crucial systems.

On that note, most airlines have relaxed this rule and employed robust systems that can handle interference better. Some even offer in-flight WiFi, which lets you browse the internet and stream online content on your iPhone and other devices when you’re flying.

How to use Bluetooth in Airplane Mode iPhone

You really don’t need to do much to use Bluetooth in airplane mode on iPhone. Take a look:

1.      Turn the airplane mode

The first thing you need to do is turn the airplane mode on. To do so, you need to open your iPhone’s control center and tap the airplane mode button. It’s the button with a plane on it.

2.      Enable Bluetooth

With the airplane mode turned on, head over to settings on your iPhone, find Bluetooth, and turn it on.

3.      Connect to your preferred device

Now that the Bluetooth is turned on, you can connect to your preferred Bluetooth device. Speaking from experience, people generally connect to wireless headphones while they are on flight. And if you’re trying to do the same, you can just tap on the headphone’s name from the list, and your iPhone should automatically connect.

Airplane mode on iPhone

What Happens When You ADon’t Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode While Flying

When you don’t keep your phone in airplane mode during flights, it will try to make connections with the cell towers. This can cause the radio systems of the airplane to face interference.

As USA Today explained, airplane mode on iPhone and other smart devices keeps everyone safe when you’re flying. So, even if the airline doesn’t instruct you to keep your phone in airplane mode, you should turn it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK to Put iPhone on Airplane Mode?

It is completely fine to keep your iPhone in airplane mode. As a matter of fact, airplane mode will help conserve battery. But you shouldn’t always keep the phone in this mode. It will hinder the phone from receiving software and security updates, which are crucial for iPhones

Can You Use AirPods on Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can connect to AirPods when your iPhone is in airplane mode. You just need to turn on the Bluetooth and connect your phone to the AirPods.

Does Bluetooth work without WiFi on iPhone?

Bluetooth doesn’t need WiFi to work on iPhone. So, you can use Bluetooth even when you turn WiFi off.

Does Bluetooth Work Without Mobile Data?

Bluetooth doesn’t require cellular data to function. It’s a completely independent function. That means you can connect to wireless devices with Bluetooth when you have mobile data turned off.

Final Words on Bluetooth on Airplane Mode iPhone

Are you still wondering does Bluetooth work in Airplane mode iPhone? The short answer is yes; Bluetooth works when you have airplane mode on your iPhone. You can even turn on WiFi and connect to in-flight WiFi networks with airplane mode turned on. It’s just your phone won’t receive cellular networks.